Peter Steeves moved to rural Japan after college to study very traditional Japanese jujutsu and weapons-based training. He eventually achieved a rank of Go-Dan or 5th Degree Black Belt, and received Menkyo level traditional license in various aspects and weapons training. Now fluent in the Japanese language and comfortable with relating the important lessons of the culture, Peter now lives in Northern Colorado where he works for the Weld County Sheriff’s Office, and relates the application of those old combative martial arts to those who need the same skills in the modern world.

Peter is also active in his community: In his new home of Greeley he is a member of the Human Relations Commission, serves as  International Training Coordinator for the Alliance of Guardian Angels (an unarmed volunteer organization dedicated to combating violent crime), and served for several years as Chairman of the Public Safety Committee for the West Los Angeles Neighborhood Council.

Certified by the U.S. Fire Administration as a Community Safety Educator and the Department of Security Service in Integrating Threat Management to Security Planning, Peter has met with neighborhood leaders and community organizations to help them implement cost-effective measures to ensure their safety.