Your Training

There are some basic things we believe you should expect of us, and a few things we feel we should expect of you. Let’s get those ground rules established now, so that your training is the best it can be from the very first minute.


What You Can Expect


We will talk about and simulate real danger and physical violence, but you should never for a moment be at risk. If you have any questions or concerns at any point, let us know, and we will absolutely address your concerns.

Foreign Culture:
You will be exposed to two rare worlds of experience in your training. The first will be constant exposure to feudal era Japanese etiquette, language, and weaponry. The other (fortunately) rare experience will be spending an entire session concerned with danger and violence. We will work to see how this sub-set of human experience fits in with our daily lives, and learn intensely from every moment. You will have a new way of looking at the world.

Hard Work & Efficiency:
In any class with us, you will be very busy. With limited time, we plan to take full advantage of every moment we have together. Upper-class samurai had the fortunate luxury of full-time training opportunities; we assume that you do not have this luxury. Modern protectors (both professional and “normal” people) are required to live their regular lives, and devote a small chunk of time to training with us. We greatly appreciate your efforts, and will not waste your time. You will quickly have better balance, posture, and coordination.

Honest Answers:
We will do our absolute best to provide the best opportunities to learn and answer your questions. Sometimes that will be easy, and sometimes the answers will require practice. And in some cases, we might not have the answer for you, and we will tell you so.


What We Expect


Yup, this one’s on our list, too. Students come to us wanting to learn and try new things. We are practicing the skills of protecting ourselves and others. That means we expect each member of the class to look out for the safety and well-being of each other.

Push Your Limits:
You will never achieve anything new by staying in your already established patterns and comfort zones. Push your body to become stronger, faster, and more flexible. Also, push your emotional boundaries during training. Taking turns with your training partners, you will simulate the predatory mindset of a ruthless attacker, an ambushed victim protecting your family, ego-driven social dominance, and pride-swallowing backing out of conflict: You will experience every edge of the emotional spectrum if you allow yourself to grow through this aspect of the training.

Have a sense of humor:
The topics we cover in class are serious. We can and should respect that reality, without taking ourselves so seriously. By facing danger, we are learning to be caring and giving, and to enjoy our lives. Take some chances; step outside your comfort zone, and create an atmosphere of trust with everyone else training with you.

Bring an Open Mind:
We will challenge a lot of beliefs in training. Enjoy the change in perspective.


Helpful (But Not Required) Preparation


First Aid Training & Supplies:
Everything we do in our training improves our odds at surviving dangerous conflicts. Bumps, scrapes, and falls are a lot more common in our daily lives than physical violence; and when there is physical violence, you can be sure there will be bumps, scrapes, and falls. Being prepared for this likely eventuality is easier now than ever before. At a minimum, get First Aid certified. We hope you’ll bring some minimal First Aid supplies everywhere you go, and this training is now one of the places you go!

Suggested Reading

Psychology-Influenced Training
If you are very serious about your training, you’ll want to take advantage of Humintell’s “Dangerous Demeanor Detector.” You will receive online training to recognize the facial expression of an individual who is likely to immediately become violent. Based on years of research, it was sparked initially by materials provided by the U.S. Secret Service and recently completed with support from the US Department of Defense. This may be the smartest low-cost investment you can make. Sign up here for the Dangerous Demeanor Detector module.